The National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) has recently updated and re-launched the Éire Nua campaign in the United States. The response from activists has been positive. However, the strongest reaction by many who stated that they  “never heard” of the Éire Nua program has been one of universal disbelief and dismay, having been deprived of the opportunity to evaluate  Éire Nua. It has been subjected to a blanket suppression by the beneficiaries of status quo.

Established in 1971, Éire Nua seeks an All-Ireland Constitutional Convention leading to a four province, federal democratic Republic comprising of all Ireland.

Éıre Nua is endorsed by Cumann na Saoırse  Náısıúnta, a U.S. based Irish Republican organization. CnSN believes the Good Friday Agreement, and the St. Andrews Accord, far from being the only path to peace, is actually postponing a true and lasting solution.  The current “peace process” promises mutually contradictory goals to the opposing political and religious communities and has instituted those opposing ideologies in government and promoted apathy towards Irish unity among the people of Ireland and amongst the Irish Diaspora worldwide

Éıre Nua, unlike the Good Friday Agreement, is an Irish authored, Irish centered plan to establish a permanent peace in Ireland, not a temporary show of peace which will end when the rock-throwing youth growing up in the steadily increasing sectarian society, trades in their stones for guns. The “Big Lie” that the GFA is the only path to peace can be witnessed in our own Congressional Record of June 19th, 1973.

Éıre Nua remains the only plan for peace endorsed at any time by the Unionist community as acceptable in the event of a complete British withdrawal.  As such, it holds credentials far surpassing the current process in potential to provide stability and facilitate the development of the Irish nation.


Éire Nua is a proposed governing format that offers a solution to the ongoing British occupation in Ireland and guarantees equality and maximum devolution of power at provincial and subsidiary levels in a unitary federal system comprising the four provinces of Ireland.


Éire Nua is not imposed, it is proposed.  It is non-sectarian and inclusive.

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