Éire Nua a New Constitution: The New Government Structures, Part 5 of 5

This podcast is brought to you by the Éire Nua US Campaign Committee.

Having marked the 100th anniversary of the First Irish Dáil  Éireann, it is historically meaningful to start universal discussions on an All-Ireland, democratically based, united, federal Irish Republic.

Specifically, the time is now to discuss the New Ireland government envisioned by Éire Nua authors in 1971.  The provincial government model was favorably received by unionist, and nationalist leaders, church leaders and other political party leaders at that time. Unfortunately, the constructive, democratic, movement was banned by the British, allowing the war to continue and over 3600 lives killed.

Now, the presentation of the proposed government structures will embody a system of power sharing administered at the national, provincial, regional and district government levels.  This system will ensure maximum distribution of governmental powers and will accommodate the unique and distinctive character of each of the historic provinces.  In addition to the above advantages, it grants autonomy to each of the provinces to pursue interests for which they have natural affinity including cultural, traditional, and economic interests.

Lastly, the Éire Nua US Campaign would not be possible without the guidance, research, interpretations and papers provided by the Éire Nua US founders, Tomas and Mike Costello. Their invaluable commitment to a united and free Irish Republic provides the strength and inspiration for the Éire Nua program to expand throughout the United States.

Our discussion continues with a look at the New Constitution, its New Government Structures, Part 5 of 5.  This is presented by Éire Nua Committee Member Jane Enright, from NY.


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