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Mini-Lecture Series (Part 3 – Final) by Professor Eibhlin Metress, University of Toledo – “IRISH DO NOT FORGET NAVAJO NATION”

Prof Eibhlin Metress: Mini-Lecture Part 3(Final) “Like an Arrow Shot Through Time‘- Ireland Does Not Forget
#Irish4Navajo, #Navajo Nation, Eire Nua, Irish 4 Navajo, Native American, Uncategorized

Mini-lecture series by Professor Eibhlin Metress, sponsored by the Éire Nua US Campaign Committee.


Deb Haaland- First Native American US Cabinet Secretary

Audiocast: “Like an Arrow Shot Through Time” – Ireland Does Not Forget



There is a disturbing parallel between the historical banishment of indigenous Americans by the US government and the forced immigration of the Irish people. Think about this co-occurrence. We would like to hear from you.

For now, here is a story of monumental worth by one Irish American activist, making us aware of the US Removal Act of 1830, banishing indigenous Americans from their homes and ancestral lands, causing what became known as the Trail of Tears from 1831-1870. This is the story of an Irish American activist in solidarity with the Navajo Nation and their need for Covid-19 relief.

By: Míċeál Ó Coisdealḃa

According to the Washington Post “the Navajo Nation, which witnessed one of the United States’ worst coronavirus outbreaks in the spring of 2020, is once again facing a “major health care crisis,” Navajo  President Jonathan Nez said recently. 

As of November 26, 2020, the Navajo Nation was averaging approximately 100 more new Covid cases per day than at the peak of the first wave of infections in May, according to the Navajo Nation Department of Health. Now with massive outbreaks occurring in the United States, the Navajo Nation is also in a more severe health position than it was in the spring. 

My name is Míċeál Ó Coisdealḃa. I am an Irish Republican activist from New Jersey.  I am personally undertaking a fundraising event on behalf of the Navajo Nation Covid Relief Fund. Having immigrated from Ireland when I was young, I was fortunate to become part of the American middle class fabric but because of my Irish roots and raised in Connemara, I can relate closely to the plight of the Navajo Nation.

Prior to beginning this fundraiser, I learned that while on their forced movement westwards, the Choctaw Nation collected $170 and sent it to help the starving in Ireland during the time I believe was An t-Ár Mór, the Great Genocide. (Apologists still refer to that terrible period as a potato famine.) I am now making a commitment to walk the total of 5,045 miles, in solidarity with native American tribes whose ancestors walked  this  grand total in five separate “Trails of Tears”  between 1831 and 1877. I have already started this fundraising walk on Thanksgiving eve on behalf of the Navajo Nation.  On days that I walk, I am doing 10-12 miles per day towards a total of 5,045 miles. It is my intent to share my completed miles with you on a regular basis. 

My goal is simple: I want to raise $5,045 or hopefully many more times that amount for the Navajo Nation Covid Relief Fund. To donate contact the Navajo Nation Covid Relief Fund at gofundme.com/f/xjgrfa-navajo-amp-hopi-families-covid19-relief-fund. Thank you very much. MC 

MY STEPS THROUGH DECEMBER 23, 2020 = 387,179